Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?

There are TV shows you can watch once. There are shows you can barely watch for 30 seconds. And then there are shows that you can watch again and again and again. I’d like to formally nominate Arrested Development as 1 of these shows.

That’s old news to fans of this brilliantly subversive show. We know how genius the writing was, that the casting was pitch perfect. We giggled at David Cross’ portrayal of never-nude Tobias, were introduced to the gawky charm of Michael Cera, empathized with the long suffering ‘good-son’ Jason Bateman, and learned there was much more to Portia DaRossi than just being Ellen DeGeneres’ handbag.

But it’s not enough just to be fans of comedy this good. It is our responsibility to spread the good word, the word of Bluth. So in the name of the Father (Michael), the Son (George Michael) and the Holy Spirit (George), I charge you with this holy quest; convert all ye Two and a Half Men watchers! Show them the light! Show them… the Chicken Dance!


It ain’t easy bein white…



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