What happens again if I roll doubles?

One of the joys / agonies of having much younger siblings is that elements of your childhood you thought were long since dead and buried will often be exhumed and examined once more. Over the past few years my younger brother’s Spiderman / Computer Game / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles phases have felt like deja vu all over again. Being ‘taught’ by my younger sister how to play board games like Trouble falls in the same basket. Who knew that kids still were entranced by the pop-o-matic bubble? I sure as hell didn’t. Further proof that board games can stand the test of time far better than TV, than music, yes even more so than the Ninja Turtle…

It seems most adults of my age have that universal, shared experience of certain games. Sure we all have our own household idiosyncratic rules (“You can’t put a Draw 4 on a Draw 2!”), but we all speak the language of Uno, Connect 4, Guess Who, Operation and of course the grandaddy of them all, Monopoly.

Electronic wha??? Back in MY day...

Confession time: I am a DREADFUL Monopoly-er. I don’t know if I’ve ever won a game of this cursed idea of ‘family fun’ in my entire life (yes, including against previously mentioned younger siblings). I was taught how to play when I was 6 by an older cousin, and have been piss poor ever since. You know the guy who’s always the first eliminated, left with Old Kent Road, $12 and an assload of failed dreams? That’s me.

You're fucked

Which got me thinking…

It seems that some people are almost pre-naturally gifted at certain games. Explain to your friend once what a Royal Flush is, 2 hours later he’s ready for the World Series of Poker. Walk a pal through Risk once, pretty soon they’re storming through Europe like Adolf Caesar or somethin.

So… is there some connection between the games we’re good at, and our talents / abilities out there in the real world? Actually think about it for a second. What games are YOU good at? Are there aspects of your strategies and approach to these games that are reflected in who and where you are as a person now?

Again, an example; I’m pretty handy around the Trivial Pursuit board, but I was even worse at the Game of Life than I was at Monopoly. Coincidence?

Yeah kid? See if you're still smilin when you're a married plumber with 6 children.

See how easy this is? I can blame my lifelong lack of direction and focus, as well as my inability to manage money, on innate, predestined genetic code! But at least I can retain useless facts about who won the 1993 AFL Brownlow Medal and the national currency of Ecuador. This is my lot in life.

Maybe I should check with my parents, there may be some kind of recessive Monopoly gene we don’t know about yet… with further scientific testing and stem cell research, who knows. There may be hope for me yet.

Until next time, I’ll be trying to work out whether to pay income tax of $200 or 10%,



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