A Rock & Remake Rant OR Dem Funerals is Wack!

One of the great mysteries of the cosmos is how Chris Rock can consistently produce such funny, incisive stand-up comedy material and yet also manage to consistently feature in so many horrible, predictable, deeply sucky movies.

OK, maybe that’s a little harsh, but I only say it because I’m really a Chris Rock fan. And, granted, I’m only assuming this is going to be horrible:

2 minutes and 28 seconds later… and I feel it’s a pretty safe assumption.

How do you take a low budget, charming British comedy that a lot of people seemed to really, really dig and turn it into that? I’m not going to make any terrible ‘Funerals in da Hood’ puns (shit, I just did)… but damn! A’ight? Etc.

2007 - those were simpler times

See, in THIS version, the fish-out-of-water boyfriend who accidentally takes the drugs… it’s funny cos He White!

The little person, who secretly had an affair with the deceased father… it’s funny cos he little… and He White!

Implying the ex-boyfriend, played here by Luke Wilson, has a large penis… White Boyz don’t got no big penises!

But perhaps the biggest crime this film perpetrates is the appearance of the one and only Martin Lawrence WHO DOESN’T APPEAR TO BE PLAYING A COP OR A CRIMINAL??? Are these film-maker’s insane?! Martin Lawrence as a womanizer? Maybe he could be… an undercover cop who’s a womanizer? That could work!

Count down the days with me until April 16th guys,



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