Half of you believe in Angels

Apparently not the Angels they mean.

I wish I was joking, but I’m not…

According to the results of a Nielsen Poll released this weekend, 51% of Australian’s surveyed believe in Angels.

I told you, I’m not kidding. Angels. Are you fucking kidding me? George Carlin, would you take it away?

68% of respondents believe in God or a universal spirit, and 50% say religion is important or very important in their lives. I can dig that. It’s not my way, but I see how and why people want to believe in a higher power. Good luck to them.

What DID confuse me was that more than 1 in 3 people still believe in this guy:

No, not Ned Flanders, the Devil!

Really? Really?!

With the tail and the horns and the pitchfork and everything?

Quick question: What’s with the pitchfork? If it’s your immortal soul that goes to ‘Hell’, then what is this dude using the pitchfork for? Can your soul feel some kind of physical pain by being poked with it? These are the things that keep me awake at night…

It’s an idea that really needs to evolve people.

But don’t worry. According to this survey just as many people believe in UFO’s as Beelzebub. So mathematically you’ve got as much chance of being anally probed by Aliens as you do of being stabbed in the ass by the Devil and his farming implement. That IS what they’re trying to tell me, right?

Do you feel spiritually re-assured?



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