Or, for all you non-believers, What Would Scott Stapp Do?

He is the light.

For those not familiar with Scott Stapp (a minority I’m sure), he may just be the greatest rock front man of our time. Perhaps of ALL time.

Scott just sings lead for a little group called CREED is all!!!

OK, OK, I’ll take my sarcasm hat off for a moment. Why on Earth is Scott Stapp on my mind? I was zoning out whilst driving recently (not at all dangerous) when a tune started playing on my shitty speakers. “That sounds like… Creed? Is it Creed? Noooo…”

Yes, I have conversations with myself in an empty car. Sometimes you gotta.

I was surprised when the DJ informed me that yes, it WAS the new single from Creed, who have decided to reform. I think you know where this is going…

He is the way.

Who is Creed? I oughta slap you! Creed achieved a middling level of fame about 10 years ago, with their brand of guitar driven pop-rock and faux-Vedder vocals fueling more than respectable record sales and radio airplay. Whilst the music itself was always largely forgettable, what wasn’t was Creed’s adamant stance that they were NOT a Christian Rock band. They rocked! They rocked hard! They rocked often! Can’t nobody stop Creed from rockin!

A few religious iconography-free lyric samples?

“When you are with me, I’m free. I’m careless, I believe.” from My Sacrifice

“Can you take me Higher? To a place where blind men see. Can you take me Higher? To a place with golden streets.” from Higher

“Cause we all live, Under the reign of One King” from What’s This Life For

Annnnd so on. Think Hillsong as covered by circa ’93 Pearl Jam. For years members of Creed side-stepped the question of faith, when it was blatantly obvious they were for all intents and purposes a Christian Rock Band (my 2nd favorite Christian Rock Band of all time incidentally).

My number 1 favorite Christian Rock Band

Creed would eventually disband in 2004. And, in one of those most wonderful examples of irony, while Stapp claimed it was to pursue individual projects, more than one fellow band member cited Stapp’s ‘increasing messianic complex‘ as the REAL reason for their split. Stapp even feared that his bandmates wanted him dead to serve as a ‘Cobain-like martyr figure’.

No. Really.

My love for Creed was always fueled solely by the fact that once you knew their lyrics, they instantly became, like… the 4th or 5th best musical comedy group around. Sure, maybe they’re not Tenacious D, but neither are they Tripod. But when a Christian band dumps their singer for his messianic complex… THAT’S when I start buying the tour t-shirts and putting framed posters up on my walls.

What about Scott, you ask. Get back to Scott!

Unfortunately Stapp’s solo career was stymied by the usual suspects… bland songwriting, questionable marketing tactics, brawling with members of other bands, various alcohol related felonies and featuring in a sex-tape alongside Kid Rock and several fans on a tour bus… that old chestnut.

Hey, you party with Kid Rock, you pays the consequences

But I forgive him. How could I not after all the joy and laughter he’s given me?

The inevitable Creed reformation came about almost a year ago, and the original lineup have resumed doing what they do best; rocking mildly. A somewhat humbled Stapp has been quoted in interviews as saying “We never felt like we weren’t together. We’re not looking at this as a reunion. It’s more of a rebirth”.

Cheer up Scott, sooner or later everyone's forced to grow up and get a hair cut.

I for one am not surprised by the return of these musical deities. After all, Creed died… were laid to rest… and rose again. All hail the second coming!

Until next we dance, I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine. Because after all, with every tomorrow comes another life.


P.S Those wishing to order a W.W.S.S.D bracelet can contact me via the comments box below. I’m pretty sure we can be more popular than Kabbalah by New Years.


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2 Responses to “W.W.S.S.D?”

  1. buttonpushingmonkey Says:

    And yes, that IS Scott singing, not Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break.

  2. Billie Steele Says:

    Awesome post this will help me.

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