Comedian’s of Comedy – David Cross

I’m unashamedly a huge fan of stand-up comedy (something you may have sensed from my series of lame attempts at humor on this blog). I was weaned as a youngster on Billy Connolly and Robin Williams, progressing in my teens to the musical stylings of the Doug Anthony All Stars and various other Australian stand-up’s like Greg Fleet. Then in my early 20’s, Bill Hicks found me.

My taste grew just a little darker, thanks to the man who came up with bits like ‘Your children are NOT special’. Don’t get me wrong, I can still watch lighter fare like Jimeoin or a Russell Peters. But my heart truly lies with comics not satisfied just to get a laugh about how expensive milk is at the 7/11. I love a stand-up comedian who will do his utmost to also make you think.

The first in what I hope will be a series of comedians I urge you to check out is David Cross.

For the uninitiated, Cross is a great example of the ‘ThatGuy’phenomenon; you recognize his face, you’ve seen him play bit parts in a dozen movies, drop 1 or 2 funny lines, then disappear. For examples, see ‘Men in Black’, ‘Ghost World’, ‘Small Soldiers’, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, even (sigh…) ‘Alvin & the Chipmunks’.

As Dr. Tobias Funke on 'Arrested Development'

On TV he was one of the driving forces behind ‘Mr. Show’, was fantastic on ‘Arrested Development’, and has guest starred on everything from ‘The Drew Carey Show’ to ‘Futurama’. Admittedly some of these programs have been pretty benign. But I promise you, they truly do not prepare you for his live act.

Cross has never hesitated to skewer or satirize anything and everything that raises his ire: religion, children, racism, homophobia, Paris Hilton, his Southern upbringing, the Bush administration, patriotism…

Cross was prepared to brutally discuss 9/11 and it’s effects on the American people less than 6 months after the towers fell… long before most comics were even thinking of taking a few gentle swings at George Bush.

He’s also not above the odd fart joke or bizarre impression. Here he reads from his ‘bible’, called ‘In Search of GoodPussy’:

Cross has had his issues with substance abuse over the years. He recently made headlines in the U.S for doing cocaine at his table whilst attending a White House Correspondents Dinner… less than 60 feet from Barack Obama.

Why, you ask. Why?!? Well, apparently just because Cross has been competing with Vice Magazine founder Gavin McInnes to see who can do blow closest to the President.

Check and mate, D. Cross.

Cross ain’t for everyone. A cynic, an atheist, left-leaning, self-loathing and often times almost cruel, for every one person that will become a fan he’ll almost certainly offend or alienate another. But if you like your comedy black and devoid of Dane Cook-ism’s, then check out either of Cross’ albums, ‘Shut Up You Fucking Baby’ or ‘It’s Not Funny’.

Oh, and a final warning… the track titles on these CD’s… Like ‘Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vagina and Anus!’… they’re almost never meant to be taken literally as to what the track is actually about.

What could be beneath the flap?

Almost never…

Wishing you a GoodPussy day and a GoodPussy life,



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One Response to “Comedian’s of Comedy – David Cross”

  1. buttonpushingmonkey Says:

    And yes, ‘In Search of Good Pussy’ IS a real book:

    Happy reading!

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