Supermarkets, and why YOU’RE the victim here!

Shoppers in the UK are reportedly “fuming” as various stores begin selling Easter Eggs mere days after Christmas.

Pure. Evil.

For the full story, go to:

Some of the more telling quotes from this article include:

“We celebrated Jesus being born on December 25 and just days later we’re being sold chocolate to celebrate Easter.”

“If people have Easter eggs pushed into their face then they will believe they need them and will buy, buy, buy.”

“I’m sure no one is naive enough to believe that the supermarkets ‘simply sell people what they want’.”

So the major qualms seem to be with the timing of the sales, and the mental stranglehold supermarkets have over consumers. Huh… Gone are the days where people even thought to question why we’re celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection with stories about a magical rabbit leaving chocolate-y goodness scattered about for good lil’ girls and boys. Those were simpler times…

You know, supermarkets sell lots of stuff. And strangely I’m not compelled to buy all of it, just cos it’s there. What a model of self-restraint I am.

As for the religious implications of selling symbols representative of Easter this early… I mean Jesus (sorry, figure of speech). I don’t care if they sell Easter eggs 13 months a year. They’re chocolate. Like that block of Cadbury Snack you were just buying, only a different shape. It doesn’t represent anything but afternoon tea ta me.

And I’d like to believe that if there WAS a Jesus, he’d be the kinda guy who wouldn’t get too worked up over this kind of thing anyway. My Jesus has just a little perspective.

Plus he has magical fire breath and his eyes shoot lasers.

Until the next time we fight to the death over Coles’ last Cadbury Creme Egg…



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