Jennifer Hawkins: Nude…ish

Australian magazine Marie Clare is set to publish photo’s next week of Jennifer Hawkins which have been (Shock! Horror!) NOT PHOTO-SHOPPED!

Rough as guts, huh

The former Miss Universe is participating in a campaign to promote positive body image amongst women.

“I’m not a stick figure — I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident,” Hawkins told the magazine.

Studies show that less than a quarter of Australian women are happy with their bodies.

Uh huh.

And this is going to make them feel better? Showing them one of Australia’s most beautiful, flawless young women in the nude. THIS is going to allow them to feel better about their own flaws, the fact that J-Hawk might potentially have half a skin roll on one upper thigh?

Showing me Brad Pitt shredded to shit in ‘Troy’ and then revealing he had Tinea at the time… doesn’t make me feel better about my belly and excess shoulder hair, surprisingly.

I know you mean well Miss Hawkins, and your participation in this campaign to raise funds for the Butterfly Foundation (an Eating Disorder support group) is admirable.

But can you honestly tell us that the line free, Kidman-like visage you’ve been sporting over the past 12-18 months… you mean to say that is completely natural?

J-Hawk before... WTF??? Is that... a facial expression!?

Telling young women it’s important to accept their own physical flaws and imperfections, to just be themselves, when it’s pretty obvious you’ve had some kind of Botox treatment… just a tad hypocritical is all I’m saying.

Hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe she hasn’t had any work done, and just hasn’t expressed a genuine emotion in 2 years. But if you look at photo’s of Miss Hawkins’ face over the past few years… well… I don’t think it’s such an asinine conclusion to reach. And if even Miss Universe feels the need to get a little work done, then what hope are you really offering any woman out there?

For what it’s worth I really do hope the campaign works and ladies everywhere can feel happier in their own skin. But don’t offer me a sandwich made of equal parts truth and bullshit.

Because the taste of bullshit will overpower your palate every time.



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