The Chipmunks and Suspension of Disbelief

So yesterday at the behest of my 11-year-old brother we went to see ‘Alvin & the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel’.

Yes, I’m disappointed in him too.

Our 14-year-old sister joined us, as did my wife begrudgingly. She soon changed her tune though, regaling the kids with stories about seeing an awesome Chipmunk movie including the Chippettes way back in OUR youth.

Old Skool

Turns out she’s right. Not only did we both see ‘The Chipmunk Adventure’, turns out we saw it at the same place, good ol’ Melton Twin Cinemas in ’88. That movie had everything; hot air balloons, a race around the world, diamond smuggling, a chorus of squeaky voices singing ‘Woolly Bully’. Everything.

So we toddle in for our helping of this new-fangled CG hilarity, only to find the cinema is literally sold out. We separate into pairs, ask people if they could move along 1 seat (please?), and strap in for the ride.

10 minutes in and I’m already thinking…

“Jason Lee’s not going to be in this one too much… you can’t sell your soul to Satan twice, can you?”

“Who teaches a Chipmunk to play the guitar anyways?”

“I hope David Cross did a LOT of blow with his fat movie cheque”.

And then out of nowhere…

“I wonder if they could re-tread the plot of that old movie… with the hot air balloons and the diamonds and the evil smugglers…” Only to hear my brain respond, “Hmmmm… probably not. Kids today might think that plot was a bit silly or too far-fetched”.

Ladies and Gents, there comes a point when you realize that you have sub-consciously prepared yourself to accept that these computer animated rodents can talk, they can sing, that they are world-famous rock stars that human females swoon over.

But the thought of inserting a race around the world in hot air balloons… THAT’S implausible???


I don’t know whether this meant that the movie was deceptively effective, or that I’m just becoming more and more of a dumbass by the second. Probably a combination of both.

What do you do? What CAN you do?

I chose to just sink further into my chair and my sense of self loathing, sipping a $4.90 Coke whilst I prepared for the Chippettes rendition of ‘Single Ladies’.

I need a lie down.



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