Revenge is a dish best served via Status Update

He wants you to join Farmville

Or as I prefer to think of it, tangible proof that Facebook rocks the shit out of Twitter.

From website, the story goes that a kid named Chris was ratted on by his sister Katie for hiding a 12 pack of liquor in his bedroom. Describing his parents as ‘typically strict Asian’s’, Chris was grounded for 3 months.

Chris swore vengeance. And brother, did he get it…

Chris managed to find a piece of paper in his sister’s room detailing her planned ‘Hook Up’ list for 2010 in graphic detail. And not only did he scan it and post the results on Facebook, he also ‘tagged’ every guy on Katie’s list so they couldn’t possibly miss it either.

Check it out…

My favorite part? Skip towards the end of those comments to see the kind of back n’ forth between Chris and Katie that I’m soooooooo glad I never had with my own sister.

Until next time, I ♥ facebook like you ♥ cock,



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