Jackie O: “I was tempted to walk away”

How does that old joke go... Kyle, Jackie O and Hitler in a room and you've only got 2 bullets...

Now before the rant even begins, let’s clarify something; this headline originally comes from ‘New Idea’ magazine, that bastion of journalistic accuracy and integrity. Somehow major Australian news sites have also subsequently picked up on the story, which is a disgrace unto itself. I guess I can look forward to stories in The Age very soon on ‘Celebs Without Their Make-Up!’.

Read on here as Jackie O discusses how hard it was on her when people criticized her participation in that now infamous 2009 radio interview, during which a 14-year-old girl was hooked to a lie detector and questioned by her mother. In the process the girl was forced to reveal she’d been raped as a 12-year-old.

Jackie’s partner in Wankery, Kyle Sandilands, responded “Is that the only experience you’ve had?

Amidst all the drama that ensued, Jackie has now admitted she may have done the wrong thing by choosing to play the ‘Good Cop’ to Kyle’s ‘Bad Cop’ during the segment. Or perhaps more accurately, she chose to play Addled & Giggly to his Belligerent Fuckhole.

My heart bleeds for you for having to deal with such cruel backlash, Jackie. You’re such a trooper.

“I was tempted to walk away”… Christ… You mean she could have quit and chose not to?!? I can only assume that the feelings I’m experiencing right at this moment is something akin to stumbling upon the headline “I almost discovered a cure for Herpes, but quit“. Or “I was tempted not to run over your dog, then it was too late“.

Don’t tease me with the possibility that some bizarre, tangential reality exists without Kyle & Jackie O. For I am no re-incarnation of Doc Brown, sadly, and my alternative reality-jumping Ford Telstar is yet to be completed.

Coincidentally, Jackie O’s media career is actually somewhat like Herpes… it just won’t go away. That shit’s for life it seems.

Remember back when Ugly Phil was considered ‘shocking’, and Tony Martin and Mick Molloy still spoke to one another? I do… barely.

I’m going back to work on the Ford Telstar… now where’s my plutonium?



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