Putting James Cameron and his Smurf movie into perspective

I read with some interest this story a few days back regarding the effect ‘Avatar’ is having on its fans:


It seems an awful lot of people are reporting feeling depressed and even suicidal at the thought of not being able to visit a fictional planet.

That’s right, it’s so nice I gotta say it twice… Fictional. Planet.

Hmm… any chance these are the same idiots who were upset they weren’t aboard the Titanic, being sketched without their drawers on by Leo DiCaprio?

Oh how cleverly you manipulate your audience, James Cameron! Curse you!

Look, I dug the movie too, OK? But for all those taking it just a little too seriously, a reminder (courtesy of Cracked.com)…

It's presented as a chart, so it has to be correct

I wonder how many people are crushed they’ll never get to visit planet LV-426…



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