Be on the lookout for… uhh… Terrorist Gumby?

The FBI has recently published fresh ‘age-processed photographs’ of what they believe Osama bin Laden now looks like. Concerned citizens please see below:

He's the man of a thousand disguises... OK, maybe just 3

Scores of Forensic artists used digital enhancement to modify bin Laden’s features in an attempt to show what he might look like now.

Kay… so be on the lookout for a 6 foot 4 pensioner, who’s apparently stoned and doesn’t look quite so Arabic anymore. Also he appears to be made out of plasticine. I repeat, plasticine.

Seriously, THIS is the best the FBI computers can do?

Is anyone else disappointed that every TV and movie cop seems to have access to more advanced technology than the FBI or CIA? I thought we were living in this age:

No wonder we’re still losing the war on scariness.

If you enhance this blog post you may be able to detect a hint of sarcasm,



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One Response to “Be on the lookout for… uhh… Terrorist Gumby?”

  1. Lu Says:

    Baaaha BPM, love the vid! Great post.

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