Drinks for alllllllll my breasts!

Salma Something or other

An exclusive nightclub in Singapore has been condemned worldwide for daring to stage what they’ve called “Fill My Cups” night, where female patrons will be offered free drinks pending on their bra size (and before you ask, no, a set of man-boobs do not make you eligible for this promotion).

Well, I guess it’s better than “Feel My Cups” night… to read the news story click here.

According to news reports, women with an A cup receive 1 free drink, a B cup gets 2, a C cup receives (you’ll never guess) 3, and those sporting a D cup score a free bottle of vodka.

And Pammy would be entitled to... a brewery?

Rest assured however, these free drinks are not just offered willy nilly; a male and female judge visually gauge the size of a woman’s bust before they can get their drink on. Ree-spon-see-ble.

Sadly, the nightclub’s equivalent night for men, “Fill my Sho(r)ts”, only resulted in a room full of dudes still stone cold sober and looking just a little shame-faced.

Ahhh boobs, truly the man’s Achilles heel. Who can resist their siren song?

No matter what your cup size, you gotta admit that some credit is due to the guy (and you know it was a guy) who came up with “Fill My Cups” night.

How drunk we get these chicks should be directly proportionately to how big their tits are‘ just may be the ultimate example in man-logic and reasoning.

I’d tell him to give himself a round of applause, but due to the Salma Hayek picture above, I can only assume one hand is really in no position to do any clapping anyway.

Boobs boobly,



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