‘The Biggest Loser’ scandal: A sizeable job for post-production…

Australia’s version of the ‘The Biggest Loser’ has been rocked (or jiggled?) by news that a contestant on the yet-to-air new series is being investigated by Queensland police for the possession of child pornography.


I guess in amongst all that ‘No carbs after 6pm’, and ‘Push through the pain barrier’, and ‘Read the labels on your food’ shit, someone forgot to mention ‘Oh, and don’t download pictures of naked children’.

Disgraced contestant Deryck Ward

Deryck Ward entered the reality-television competition with sister Renita, but had already been eliminated when news of the police investigation was made public.

The controversy has created huge problems (no pun intended) at Fremantle Media, where the show’s arc of ’10 Couples out to change their lives’ has been subtly shifted to… uhh… 9 Couples.. who are… out to… yeah…

Episodes are currently being re-edited to remove Ward and his sister from the program entirely. Should this prove to be impossible, unconfirmed reports claim he will instead be replaced digitally by the Grimace.

Nothing can kill the Grimace

The easy fat jokes aren’t normally my modus operandi, but for you Mr. Ward, I’ll make an exception.

Hope you get plenty of opportunities to do some sit-up’s in a men’s correctional facility, asshole.



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