Headline of the week


It's been 19 years, but lord do I still hate that dog.

From Fox9.com

So far on this blog I’ve documented Ninja Monkeys, pissed off Circus Tigers and just recently Oscar, the Annie Wilkes-like pussycat haunting the Rhode Island nursing home community.

And so it becomes apparent that while we’ve all been waiting for the inevitable zombie or Skynet-fueled apocalypse, a new contender has emerged…

The animals are mustering, people.

A Californian duck-hunter was rushed to hospital after being shot by his Labrador retriever this past weekend. Seems the dude was picking up duck decoys on a hunting trip when man’s best friend stepped on his shotgun, unloading a round of no.2 shot directly into his upper back from 15 yards away.

The 53-year-old was released from hospital on the same day of his admission, and is said to be recovering well.

News reports all gloss over the fact the gun had its safety switched ‘on’, only for it to somehow be disengaged ‘accidentally’ by the dog.


Don’t turn your back. Not even for a second. Sure they may look cute. But THIS…

It's a trap!

May be the death of us all.



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