Rockefeller revelations

A choice selection of some of the news headlines about the ongoing Herman Rockefeller murder investigation in Melbourne:

Grave fears held for missing millionaire

Rockefeller ‘active on Facebook’

Missing man ‘seen’ at shop

Bushland search for missing millionaire

Two charged in Rockefeller disappearance

Sordid ad may have led to Rockefeller death

Herman Rockefeller ‘killed for being a single swinger’

Rockefeller ‘chopped with chainsaw after fight’

Is it just me, or does this case sound more and more like some sickening, fucked-up Coen Brothers movie with every passing day?

As someone with a close friend that had a family member involved in a similar scenario (no, really) I’ll state the bleedingly obvious:

Yes, this stuff about secret identities and cheap chainsaws will definitely sell newspapers. But God it would be nice if someone stopped and really thought for one second about the damage this does to those left behind. Don’t even write your shitty, faux-empathetic ‘we should give them some space’ editorials. Just let the family grieve in private for a while.

Wishful thinking in the age of media as cyber-vulture, I know.

Herman Rockefeller’s life is over. His teenage children and his wife’s is not, however. Enough is enough. Move on.



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One Response to “Rockefeller revelations”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    A ‘free’ press means you get good stuff as well as crap. Unfortunately it also gives us Andrew Bolt. Why didn’t they take him instead of Rockefeller?

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