Love knows no age barrier… OK, except for this one.

What do you mean 'too young'?!?

In a heart warming tale, a 12-year-old Saudi girl has suddenly ceased divorce proceedings against the 80-year-old man her father married her to in exchange for a sizable dowry in early 2010.

The girl had initially told courts in the Al-Qasim province that the marriage transaction was completed without her knowledge or consent. Her father (separated from the girl’s mother) had secretly arranged the marriage to an 80-year-old dude in exchange for roughly $25,000 AUS.

The case had caused an uproar when reported in a local newspaper in January (yep, even in Saudi Arabia this scenario is reaaalllly fucked up), as the girl’s mother claimed the marriage had already been consummated, and that she wanted her new son-in-law charged with rape.

And yet, this week both mother and daughter have withdrawn their complaint quietly. Whaaaaaaaaa??? Maybe Pappy managed to buy his new wife’s love with an iPod shuffle or a Bratz doll or something.

In case you’re wondering there is no law in Saudi Arabia against child marriage, and clerics and religious judges justify the practice “based on Islamic and Saudi tradition“.


So who’s the real villain here? The father? The decrepit old bastard wooing the child-bride 68 years his junior? The Saudi legal system? Islamic tradition? Can I select a combination of all 4 options please, Eddie?

Perhaps her greedy, dirtbag, anal-fissure of a father is too short-sighted to see where the real money’s at these days. See!!! Had he just waited a few years he could’ve sold his daughter’s virginity off on-line and watched any number of social retard’s and dirty old men clamber to pay wayyyyy more than 25 grand.

Patience is a virtue, as the old saying says. But then there’s another one that says children are a blessing. Maybe Daddy can use some of that fat, child-selling dividend to buy a book of common English proverbs.

A conscience too, perhaps.



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One Response to “Love knows no age barrier… OK, except for this one.”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    “A young woman’s own household is her greatest enemy in a retarded society” — Gertrude Himmelfarb (1st cousin, but very, very close relative – with benefits).

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