Transmogrification nearly complete

Is it just me? Or is Lindsay Lohan…

5 years ago...

Slowly but surely morphing…

In 2009

In to Courtney Love?


Let me know how that works out for ya, Linds.

That freckled, leathery, peroxided Lindsay-facsimile above… she’s only 23-years-old, people. Any chance her parents could stop bickering/craving attention they don’t deserve/pimping out the next Lohan girl-child, and FUCKING DO SOMETHING!

I’m losing hope that we’ll ever get to see ‘Mean Girls 2: Needlessly Spiteful Bitches’.



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One Response to “Transmogrification nearly complete”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    I like what she is doing. She is turning herself into a piece of abstract art, no doubt she is going to auction herself off at Sotheby’s. Ingenious. Also, better for business. Lots of films have abstract art hanging on the walls. Do you know any other actors that are targeting Hollywood set designers?. Give the girl a hand. She continues to impress with creative career strategies. Next step is turning herself into a piece of wooden furniture – perhaps a nice period dining table setting for 8. You might be able to buy her at Barbeques Galore one day as a plastic outdoor setting, with her facial skin stretched into the shape of a nice sun umbrella to keep the afternoon sun at bay. I’d certainly pay $499 for that (chairs made out of Paris Hilton $100 extra).

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