25-words-or-less movie review: ‘The Hurt Locker’

Hyper-tense. Unsettling. Refreshing.

Not really a ‘war’ film, more a study on fractured male psyche that’s set in a war zone.

Very much recommended.



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5 Responses to “25-words-or-less movie review: ‘The Hurt Locker’”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    WARNING: The editorial comment above contains brazen lies, exaggeration and distortion of the worth of said film. It is rated BS, so those sensitive to cliches and their effect on one’s enjoyment of quality cinema should avoid it. Only those who are apologists for Point Break should be allowed within 50 metres of any cinema showing this film.

  2. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    When you say that’s not really a ‘war film’ do you mean it’s not a war film in the way that Black Hawk Down is not your typical war film, or in the way that Tropic Thunder is a film about a war film therefore not really a war film, or in the way that Top Gun is a film kinda about war but more about homo-eroticism, or in the way that Delta Force is a war film that’s really about Chuck Norris (and America) rocking and Arabs not so much with the rocking?

  3. Office 2007 Says:

    Great article, thanks for the share. Blog bookmarked 🙂

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