Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Can you believe Eddie & Mick implied that THIS guy might be homosexual?!? The nerve!!!

Wow… I disappear for a week and it seems all hell breaks loose.

Tiger Woods issued what some people felt was an insincere apology for committing adultery with 8,243 women…

Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy were single-handedly accused of ruining the 2010 Winter Olympics just by indulging in a little old fashioned, Australian-as-Meat-Pies verbal Poof Bashing…

An experienced aquatic trainer was fucked up and killed by a… uhh… Killer Whale at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida…

Film director Kevin Smith was deemed ‘too fat to fly’ by Southwest Airlines in California…

Peter Garrett misplaced the word ‘sorry’ for being indirectly responsible for the deaths of several labourer’s as part of the federal government’s (now defunct) insulation scheme…

Charlie Sheen walked out on ‘Two & a Half Men’ to enter rehab voluntarily

And Apple has vowed to crack down on nudity related app’s for the iPhone…

God help me. So… many… JOKES!

Rest assured, faithful reader, that all be summarily dealt with in my own inimitable fashion.


Oh so very soon.

Stay tuned…



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