My local shopping centre: #1

You know what'd make this afternoon even MORE awesome?

In the Coles express check-out queue, behind a young couple. They’re holding hands, maybe 20 years old or thereabouts.

She has a large bottle of Bundaberg Rum.

He has a 12 pack of Durex Condoms.

They break apart, go to separate cash registers and pay for their respective purchase. They join hands once more as soon as they’re outside the Supermarket. And they stroll away, gazing lovingly into each others eyes.

It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that ‘coy’ ain’t dead, not yet at least.



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2 Responses to “My local shopping centre: #1”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    They have shopping centres in the Western Suburbs?. I have been told on good authority that all that exists in the western suburbs is cheap real estate and petrol fumes.

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      And cheap real estate that smells of petrol fumes…

      No, we’ve built the odd shopping centre, if only to distract the young folk momentarily from stabbing each other/themselves/inanimate objects and impregnating 14 year old’s.

      It’s working everywhere except Melton.

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