What is it about a woman in a service industry uniform?

Where are the exits again... ohhh, that's perfect. Now show me how the oxygen mask will fall from the ceiling in the event of an emergency...

Struggling air-carrier Japan Airlines has warned all staff not to sell their flight attendant uniforms to online fetish fans, according to London’s Daily Telegraph.

The uniforms are highly prized amongst the fetish community, with some estimating the value of a complete set to be approximately Aus $3,300.

Why would staff be selling their uniforms in the first place, you ask?

Because Japan Airlines went bankrupt in January, reporting a $6.6 billion debt. As such they plan on shedding almost 15,000 staff in the near future, 1300 of them flight attendants.

Those online... uhh... those fetish guys... are... umm... completely not... err... shit. Forgot what I was going to say again

Staff are being warned that the company expects all uniforms to be returned once their employment is terminated, and anyone caught trying to sell theirs will be prosecuted.

Gotta love that Global Financial Crisis… where corporate loyalty is expected, nay, demanded, even after your ass has been shown the door.

I, for one, support these plucky, brave young women, and hope they find an employer who will treat them with the courtesy, respect and dignity they deserve.

Preferably in either the French Maid, Naughty Nurse or Sexy Pirate Wench industry if at all possible.

Yes, I’m a pig. A pig who knows what he likes.

Good luck ladies,



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2 Responses to “What is it about a woman in a service industry uniform?”

  1. licketysplit Says:

    Ha! LOVE IT!

  2. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    Japan Airlines hostesses: Bumped, humped, & dumped.

    Indecent. Until proven a liability.

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