My local shopping centre: #2

Massive DVD sale at Big W, where I saw THIS double feature:

Yes the iPhone photo clarity sucks, but I like to think it adds a touch o'the verite to my story.

For those fortunate enough to not know anything about either movie:

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is a romantic comedy about a woman who realizes she’s in love with her best friend only when he announces his engagement to another woman. She sets out to get him herself, with only days before the wedding.

‘Closer’ is an oftentimes brutal, ‘R’ rated drama about two contemporary couples in London, which explores the sexual politics of relationships in the 21st century.

Interesting combo.

Yes, I realize that they both star Julia Roberts. But surely that fact alone does not ensure a satisfying, cohesive movie-marathon.

Or I could be wrong.

Coming soon from Sony, make sure you buy the Steven Spielberg ‘Hook/Schindler’s List’ double-pack, and the ‘Shrek’ boxset that comes with Eddie Murphy’s ‘Delirious’, absolutely free!



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