What would the Na’vi say?

I SEE you, Jake Sully! I mean... James Cameron!

On the eve of Hollywood’s night of nights, it seems there’s no more opportune time to write about a Beijing author, Zhou Shaomou (awesome name), who has lodged a U.S $146.5 million lawsuit against James Cameron, claiming that Cameron stole his idea for ‘Avatar’.


You think there’s a chance any impossibly successful movies/TV shows/books don’t receive at least one of these lawsuits??? J.K Rowling, your thoughts?

Shaomou says that Cameron stole roughly “80 percent” of his 1997 novel ‘Tale of the Blue Crows’, the tale of six astronauts epic journey to an alien planet inhabited by strange blue-skinned beings.


The novel was published online, and Shaomou claims it has been read by more than 10 million people.

OK… good luck with that, Zhou.

Strangely, this ain’t the first time Big Jim has felt the sting of plagiarism allegations. Harlan Ellison successfully sued Cameron for not receiving any official acknowledgment or credit for obvious similarities between ‘The Terminator’ and two ‘Outer Limits’ TV episodes Ellison wrote in the 1960’s.

Cameron was also the subject of a lawsuit from a team of producers and Australian screenwriter Bill Green for plagiarism on ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’.

I actually had Bill as a tutor at University, and the way he told it, he’d written a science fiction script in the late 80’s that found its way to the man himself, Mr. Cameron. It was a kind of futuristic update of the Minotaur myth, except it took place in a large city, not a Labyrinth. And the Minotaur was not part-man and part-bull, but instead a machine capable of changing shape, creating weapons and avoiding damage… because it was made of liquid metal.

Sadly, legal proceedings soon ran out of steam because the two producers became embroiled in ongoing copyright disputes with Bill, and all parties ran out of the requisite cash to keep a lawsuit afloat indefinitely against one of the wealthiest directors in Hollywood.

Now, I can’t speak for the veracity of this story. But Christ, was it entertaining!

Despite all this, I’m reasonably sure Mr. Cameron is safe this time. And while I have a hunch he’s not going to leave this years Oscar’s with anywhere near as many statuettes as he’d like, there’s a good chance the $2.5 billion that ‘Avatar’ has grossed internationally thus far will offer at least some solace.

I still believe in your imagination, Jim. I mean… where else did you ever seen a peaceful race of indigenous blue creatures have their way of life threatened by a brutal human oppressor?

Oh yeah…



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One Response to “What would the Na’vi say?”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    Why would anyone care what the Navy would say?. No-one has asked the Navy’s opinion on anything to do with warfare since the Battle of Waterloo – and by the way, what’s with the all white uniform and the gay caps?

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