Quick! To the getaway… umm… Schwinn?

Yeah... you go ahead and start some shit. Lets do the man-dance, asshole!

An attempted armed robbery in Melbourne’s east didn’t quite go to plan earlier this week, when a knife-wielding bandit was thwarted by a milk bar attendant armed with a metal pole.

The “bandit” had entered the milk bar at 6pm, demanding money, but was forced to flee when the dude behind the counter refused to panic, and instead began beating this genius with a long metal pole.

The “bandit” ran outside to try to escape the scene on his waiting push-bike, however the attendant somehow managed to keep up on foot, whilst continuing to pound the ever-loving shit out of him.

Police eventually apprehended the 43-year-old would-be crim later that night.

Now, maybe I’m just expecting too much, a wishin’ and a hopin’ for a criminal mastermind from Ferntree Gully. But seriously… when THIS is your choice of getaway vehicle:

Only hardened crims have spokey-dokey's

Then just maybe armed robbery isn’t for you.



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