The Oscar for most awkward moment goes too…

This move is called 'misdirection', so he can brain her with that statue as soon as she turns around...

For those who may have missed it on Monday, one of the major talking points to emerge from the Academy Awards was surprisingly enough the category ‘Best Documentary Short’.

The winner was ‘Music By Prudence’, which focused on the Zimbabwean band ‘Liyana’. Director Roger Ross Williams and Producer Elinor Burkett were called to the stage to accept the award when THIS happened:

The story goes that Burkett actually left the project over a year ago, because she disagreed with the creative direction the doco was taking. Williams and Burkett hadn’t discussed who would speak on stage if they received the award, primarily because they still weren’t speaking to one another whatsoever.

Globally rebuked for her ‘Kanye’-like actions, Burkett said to

“It’s ridiculous. I won an Oscar. Kanye West interjected himself onto the stage where he didn’t belong. I don’t know why everyone is acting like I didn’t have the right to be there. My name was called, and I went up because I won an Oscar. And that’s the only thing I kind of resent, is people acting like I didn’t get an Oscar. It’s really demeaning and denigrating to somebody who did all the work. The Producer’s Guild certified me as the producer. HBO certified me as the producer. There’s this assumption that [Roger] had more of a right to speak than I did. His Oscar is not bigger than my Oscar.”

My take?

It was awkward. It was embarrassing. It was shitty behaviour. But it was also one of the only ‘real’ moments in an almost 4 hour-long ceremony, so I’m prepared to let it slide.

Plus, the continued denigration of Kanye West, and the use of the word ‘Kanye’ as a verb… it just makes me really, really happy.

So with that in mind, for no good reason here’s Kanye being openly mocked on ‘South Park’ last year… IN SONG!

He’s makin’ love to other gay fish, yo…



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