I thought they said RUN for the kids???

Hats off to the thousands of competitors in Melbourne today (including Mrs. Monkey) who took part in the annual ‘Run For The Kids’ fundraiser.

However a quick word of advice to Peter Pan here:

Would someone tell Peter the next toilet is behind the second star to the right, then straight on 'til morning...

There are probably times it’s best not to be immortalized by Herald Sun photographers.



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4 Responses to “I thought they said RUN for the kids???”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    The fun run may be defined as a public theatrical performance in the form of pschotherapy, intended not to establish the fitness of the super hero, but rather to demonstrate the heinousness of the person’s childhood. Look behind the apparent orgasm face and the posture of the right hand. Something very bad happened one night around the age of 9 in Peter Pan’s world, but apparently Superman’s sister helped him through it (or does she represent his mother?)

  2. buttonpushingmonkey Says:

    You raise a valid point.

    “I’m dressed as Batman, and I’m running, and I have padded muscles, and I’m not completely sure what I’m running from, and I mug for the camera, sure, but my ass-clown smile never really meets my eyes, and boy I really wish Uncle Tony hadn’t touched me at my Batman themed birthday party when I was 7…”

  3. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    Holy flashback, Batman! That’s terrible!

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