Stephenie Meyer: Literary Genius

Exciting news for wimmins nation-wide, as Australian bookstores should be receiving the new ‘Twilight’ graphic novel this week.

Twilight: the Anime movie... coming soon

Stephenie Meyer has worked closely with Korean artist Young Kim (sounds more like an R&B artist to me) to faithfully re-create the masterpiece that is ‘Twilight’. I’m assuming that means the page-count will be way too high, and that glitter will be glued to each panel featuring Edward Cullen.

Girls… reading graphic novels?!? A world full of comic book-hoarding geek’s just felt a huge disturbance in the Force…

This is actually an incredibly intelligent move by Meyer. By adopting the graphic novel format she:

a) sucks even more pocket-money out of every 12-17 year old girl on the planet, and

b) manages to eliminate from the source material much of its greatest weakness… the prose.

Sure, she LOOKS innocuous and harmless enough... but this woman is arguably the smartest human in da whole world!

Look out Alan Moore, there’s a new kid on the block. She may not have a hell of a lot to say about the world around us or the human condition… but her two lead male characters look sooooo hot without their shirts on!

Happy reading,



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