Way out West

I'll merge whenever I feel like it, Wee Man!

So I’m driving through Kealba to get to the Tullamarine Freeway on my way to work.

I stop at a red light, there’s a Holden Astra in the lane next to me.

And in the driver’s seat sits a dude who I’m gonna guesstimate went 3 digits at least. Maybe 130-ish kilograms. He’s topless, and maybe bottoms-less too, it’s too hard (and too horrifying) to tell. He’s one of the hairiest men I’ve ever seen. And he’s propped back in his seat in a serious gangsta lean.

Much like this. Except with less bling. And less clothes. And really, really white.

It’s 7:45 am.

Ever wonder how somewhere can feel so familiar and yet so alien, all at the same time?

Turns out I live in that suburb.



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