25-words-or-less movie review: ‘Road House’

If one line encapsulates 80’s cinema any better than “I used to fuck guys like you in prison“…

Then I haven’t heard it.

Road House!



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2 Responses to “25-words-or-less movie review: ‘Road House’”

  1. Dedicated_Dad Says:

    Wow – someserious necro here, but…

    I LOVED this flick!!

    I spent most of a decade trying to BE “Dalton”…

    Not too big, but hard as nails and damn hard to put down – in fact you’d have to knock me out to make me stop coming at you…

    Never happened 1 on 1…

    Don’t get me wrong – I won’t claim to have won every round — I HATE a friggin’ Liar! — but I WILL say that nobody EVER wanted to fight me twice!

    Learned some lessons, too — mostly that we pay as an OLD man for all the dumb shit we did as a YOUNG one!

    Hear that, Pups? Shit hurts, for YEARS!!

    Never found my hot blonde Doctor neither!!

    I was ROBBED!!

    My favorite line was when his bud — was it “Sam”? — broke the other dude’s knee in the “outside battle” — looked him right in the eye as he screamed, and said:

    ” MAN! That hurts LIKE A MOTHERF***ER, DON’T IT!! ”

    I used that one myself a few times after delivering some fight-ending damage…

    Good times, good times…

    Those memories are ALMOST worth the pain!

    Not quite, but ALMOST!!

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      Nobody ever wins a fight- Dalton said that, so it HAS to be true, right? But then he also said pain doesn’t hurt. He was definitely a complex guy. I just thought he’d be taller…

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