How “I hate manure!” almost salvaged a shit job

I'm not gonna name name's... lets just call them BleazyDVD

Amongst the plethora of crappy jobs I worked over the years, one of the worst was as the manager of a failing DVD retail franchise.

Whether my less than adequate managerial abilities were the reason for its failure or not is up for debate. What isn’t however was the mind numbing tedium of 40 hours a week trapped in a suburban shopping centre in Airport West.

People tend to assume that working in a store like that must be kittens and giggles all day long. “You just stand around watching movies all day, right?” Not really, thanks to a militant state supervisor that would constantly make surprise ‘inspections’. Clare, if you’re out there, your reptilian smile and incessant corporate rim-jobbing will never be forgotten.

Despite all this, one of the only fond memories I have of the place does happen to involve just standing around, watching movies. This was the stage where I’d already given up hope, and the possibility of being fired soon enough by the Clare-Daemon carried with it a sense of potential release.

A co-worker named Ross and I spent three consecutive days watching, analyzing and debating various aspects of the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. When I say analyzing, I mean analyzing it. We even watched each movie from start to finish just to analyze the extras performances, or the ‘Re-Acting’ as we dubbed it.

Kick his ass Biff!

What quickly comes to the fore after repeat viewings of BttF is how much Biff rocks in those flicks. Thomas F. Wilson constantly delivers as 5 types of asshole over 3 movies, and this inevitably caused us to look him up at to see what else Wilson ever did.

What we found enraptured us even more than Wilson’s portrayal as the 80’s biggest asshole. What follows is Thomas F. Wilson’s imdb biography:

Tom Wilson is a creative artist whose professional career has explored almost every imaginable artistic discipline, blending them into a unique and very individual declaration of a life in the arts. A man of fervent but private faith his whole life, the last few years have been interesting, with hundreds of invitations to speak at conferences and retreats, as well as the opportunity to record the music that he began playing in church in the 1970s. Tom has enjoyed a successful career as an actor, writer and comedian for over 20 years. He has more than 50 films, television shows and comedy specials to his credit, and has appeared on talk shows with everyone from Johnny Carson to Jay Leno to David Letterman to Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford. As a voice-over actor, he has worked in dozens of animated series, including many episodes of Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999). As a comedian he has been a regular performer at the world-famous Improv and Comedy Store since the day he arrived in Hollywood. His self-written one-man show, “Cowboy Tommy,” boasted a series of sold-out engagements. He continues to act in movies and television, and he performs comedy and music at theaters across America. As a writer and producer, he’s written for several prestigious literary magazines, as well as for Universal Studios, Disney, Fox and Film Roman studios, and produced a groundbreaking series of debates for Canadian television called “The Seven Deadly Sins”, which examined cultural values and the role of the arts within them. As an avocation, he is a photographer and painter, with a photograph in the permanent collection of the California Museum of Photography and paintings on the walls of the guest bedrooms of many close personal friends (or, as artists like to say, “in many private collections.”) Actor, comedian, writer, musician, and artist – Tom Wilson has transcended the limitations of pop-cultural celebrity to become an artist of honesty, gravity and grace.

Honesty. Gravity. Grace. I don’t know that anything whatsoever can follow all that… I don’t even care if he wrote that tribute to himself, that’s superb.

Thank you Tom Wilson, for all that you have given us, and all that continue to give.



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