Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, Mr.T… they’re ALL afraid of Gary Busey

Gary's high on life. And cocaine.

In an age of incessant media manipulation and shameless press-whoring, it can be tough to separate those celebrities that are just Joaquin-ing from those that are legitimately batshit insane.

Gary Busey, however, leaves no doubt as to which team he plays for.

It’s neither Team Edward or Team Jacob. Busey bats for Team Cuckoo Magoo. Busey founded Camp Crazy. He lives there 24/7. He has several generations of ancestors buried there.

Behold… THIS is Busey giving a metaphorical loony sucker-punch to some poor bastard trying to interview him about Hunter S. Thompson:

THIS is Gary shitting all over an 11-year-old interviewer at the United Nations Children’s Foundation Oscar After-Party in 2008:

And finally, Busey on Buseyisms:

Of course, there’s every chance that Gary is actually the sanest man on the planet, and it’s all of US that are B-AN-AN-AS…

Think about that.

I’m Gary Busey… no… wait… ???



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2 Responses to “Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, Mr.T… they’re ALL afraid of Gary Busey”

  1. mediamugshot Says:

    Gotta love him … unless, you know, you KNOW him. Is he his own character, a la Shatner? Walken? Adam West?

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