Say goodnight to the Bad Kid!

This sucker’s gone way viral recently, and the truth behind the ‘fudges’ is uber-disappointing, at least to me.

Posted ostensibly as a proud parent’s recording of their child’s school play, ‘Junior Scarface’ predictably provoked outrage amongst the gullible and the stupid.

Short film and commercial director Marc Klasfeld was forced to come forward to admit that yes, he DID create the clip, and no, this WAS NOT a real junior school production. Instead his goal was to “illustrate the pervasiveness of sex and violence in the media confronting children daily“.

An admirable goal, and an interesting way to go about illustrating his point, I’ll grant you.


As I’ve mentioned before, the Monkey has 2 much younger siblings, a 14-year-old sister and an 11-year-old brother. As such, over the past 6 or 7 years I’ve been to a shit-ton of school plays, concerts and recitals.

You have extinguished the brief flicker of hope that kindled in my cold, black heart, Klasberg.

Now I’m never gonna see the Grade 5 version of ‘Pulp Fiction’!

They gotta recover Marcellus Wallace's lunch box, or else...



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