A Zombie Long Weekend

So it’s the Easter weekend, and by this time Christ was supposed to have died for our sins, only to rise 3 days later.

Which got me to thinking about Zombies…

I’m a big Zombie fan. I watch too many of the movies. I own the brilliant books written by Max Brooks, ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’ and ‘World War Z’.

I even suggested to the Producers of a TV show I was working on that if they really wanted to grab an audience, the final episode of series 2 of their country-town-drama should incorporate a siege of Zombies. Who wouldn’t tune in to the first new episode of, say ‘Desperate Housewives’… if Wisteria Lane had been swamped by Zombies in the last series finale?

Needless to say, my suggestion was not implemented for series 3… sigh… short-sighted fools…

Don't trust Zombie Santa, either

See, I believe it’s our job in the entertainment industry, our responsibility, to make people think. To make people ask themselves the big questions.

Like, “Where would I go in the event of the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse?”

Personally, I’m pretty sure I’m all kinds of fucked. I’m out of shape, have no survival skills to speak of, am perpetually sick, do not own a gun or a chainsaw, and I’m reasonably sure no one ever out ran a Zombie in a 2005 Nissan Pulsar.

Whilst you start mentally outlining your stratagems, it may be cogent to check out this awesome diagram from theoatmeal.com:

How Everything Goes to Hell During a Zombie Apocalypse

And should any of you readers live in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, drive an armored truck and own plenty of firepower… message me below?

Until next time:

Zombies – 1, Humans – Fuck All



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