A message from the good (Face)book

AWWW YEAH!!! That’s right, Bitches! Our Saviour shall return as a lion, not a lamb, and you better accept his Farmville friend request!!!


I just hope Jesus has got ADSL2 up there, cos we’re still waiting for it out in Caroline Springs.



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One Response to “A message from the good (Face)book”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    Is it just me, or does every organisation think that a Facebook or Twitter account can bridge whatever gulf exists between them and today’s youth?

    Person 1: “How can we connect with the youth of today?”
    Person 2: “Perhaps we should become relevant and relate to them on real issues and provide practical support.”
    Person 3: “Or maybe we can just join Facebook.”
    Person 1: “Brilliant!”

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