An open letter to Reverend Lennon

Dear Reverend Lennon,

Thanks very much for your reply to my column about the whole ‘public mock crucifixion’ brouhaha in Norlane last Saturday. Your clarification on several aspects of your church’s demonstration was most appreciated, and while you may find this difficult to believe, I genuinely admire the fervency of your faith.

A few notes, however…

I’m concerned that you may have placed slightly too much faith in my journalistic qualifications, abilities and depth of audience. This is, after all, a free blog named for a Simian, that often bemoans the lack of Velociraptors in contemporary cinema.

Secondly, I would never indulge in mean-spirited Jesus bashing purely for a laugh, as seems to be your insinuation. Nor would I ever attack our brave WW1 and WW2 soldiers (men like my grandfather and great-grandfather) who fought for, amongst other things, the values, beliefs and ideals this country was founded on… ideals such as my right to free speech, a right which (as far as I’m aware) is not limited solely to those within Christian cultures.

Thirdly, whilst I recognize the intent of your re-enactment, I personally feel that rather than a depiction of Christ’s horrific suffering upon the cross, a reminder to us all of His message of love, compassion and tolerance might appeal more to the general passerby. Pastor Kenneally was quoted as saying her aim was to tell the world about Jesus. I’ll grant you, it’s not extraordinarily ‘Easter-centric’, but what better time could you have to spread such a positive Christian message?

These are only my ideas, Reverend Lennon. Dismiss them as the uneducated theories of an ignorantly cheerful Agnostic, if you like. But know that while I cannot claim to belong to any particular branch of Christianity, neither do I deny the possible existence of a Jesus Christ.

You were absolutely correct, however, in mentioning my “shortsighted and selfish lifestyle, focused only on your own narcissistic self-absorption”. It’s a pretty spot on assessment, made all the more impressive as we’ve never even met!

I promise you I’ll try to work on that, and to endeavor to see your point of view, if you promise to do likewise for me.

Kind regards,



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2 Responses to “An open letter to Reverend Lennon”

  1. Lyvvie Says:

    Excellent reply!

    Where else can one express one’s “shortsighted, selfish, focused only on your own narcissistic self-absorption” ramblings than in one’s cozy blog? That’s the definition of a blog!

    Not everyone agreed with your style of depiction or choice of theatrics, reverend. If you are not thick skinned enough to handle critique then perhaps you are in the wrong line of work.

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:


      It’s just a bit rich to hold a public demonstration so as to grab people’s attention, then complain when the attention you receive isn’t the kind you wanted/felt entitled to.

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