Pontiff Priorities

A smart man would temper his negative posts about religion after last week.

However, as we’ve already established, I ain’t no smart man.

The Catholic Church, led by Pope Benedict XVI (he’s the current, Hitler-Youth one, right?) have decided now is the time to forgive The Beatles over the infamous ‘Bigger than Jesus’ controversy which erupted in 1966.

That’s almost four and a half decades ago, for anyone that’s counting.

In an article from Vatican newspaper ‘L’Osservatore Romano‘, it was stated that:

It’s true they took drugs, lived life to excess because of their success, even said they were bigger than Jesus and put out mysterious messages, that were possibly even satanic. They may not have been the best example for the youth of the day, but they were by no means the worst. Their beautiful melodies changed music and continue to give pleasure.

Forty years later, the Beatles still astound with their originality and they are a consolation against the continual assault on music lovers by the record industry“.

Huh. Proof positive that what’s shocking, highly controversial and downright evil today can get a Papal blessing tomorrow.

It’s a P.R stunt, pure and simple. God knows the Catholic Church needs more than a few of em (no pun intended).

But if you’re going to try to win the people over, maybe… just maybe… Catholicism has bigger ‘hot button’ issues to tackle at this point in time than whether John Lennon truly intended to be blasphemous so many years ago.

Cough… child abuse… cough… cover up… cough… and the Pope’s willingness… cough… to conceal offending priests… coughcough…

Don’t worry people. I’m sure you’ll find some solace that at this rate the almost 4400 cases of reported abuse by Catholic priests between 1960 and 2002 will be thoroughly investigated.

And you’ll be able to read all about it in ‘L’Osservatore Romano‘.

Sometime in 2046, or thereabouts.



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3 Responses to “Pontiff Priorities”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    One billion Catholics around the world can breathe a sigh of relief that they no longer have to visit the confessional every time they guiltily enjoy “Yellow Submarine” on the radio.

  2. John Lennon & Jesus Cross Paths ON THIS DAY, March 4 in 1966 | Lesley Scott Author Says:

    […] source; “Bigger than Jesus” at top; John Lennon, 1960s by David Bailey; copy of DATEbook; Beatle burnings; Beatles style […]

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