Realism + 1

Can’t help but be irked by the latest and greatest in P.R stunts, the carefully orchestrated celebrity ‘Photoshop Free!’ photo-shoot.

My beloved Britney Spears recently succumbed, and was followed soon after by Kim Kardashian. Britney’s peeps want you to laud her bravery in releasing THESE shots to you, Joe Public:

Before & After... staggering differences, huh?

Yes, it’s the shots on the LEFT that are the touched up images.

Wait! I didn’t mean that the way it sounded… OK, yes, I did.

Publicists have said Britney chose to release the shots herself to “…highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect.” Wow. How incredibly difficult it must be to allow people to see the three or four blemishes on your entire body.

How’s about someone bring up the fact that these ladies have chosen to be seen sans-Photoshop, sure, but not a professional Photographer, photography studio, lighting and extensive hair and make-up.

Britney, your impressive parenting skills, song-writing ability, spectacular concerts and dancer’s thighs mean you’ll ALWAYS be an inspiration to me. This is just another string that your bow hardly needs.

You’re not a girl, and (still) not yet a woman. Not to me at least!

Hugs and kisses,



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