Watch episode 3 tonight… and Wednesday… probably Saturday too

This book has funny words in it???

Hi all, your old pal with a refresher on the definition of:

en·core –

again; once more (used by an audience in calling for an additional number or piece).

It’s probably unfair to single out one television network, because they’re all guilty of this to a degree. But for now Channel 9 is in the gun, because they’re the most recent station to hit me last night with a repeat performance of ‘Underbelly: The Golden Mile’.

That’s three days after it initially aired.

Emma Booth! I haven't seen you since... two days ago.

I’ll concede that encore can also mean simply ‘a repeated or additional performance‘. But Channel 9’s promo quite specifically states that they’re replaying the episode “Because you demanded it!”

Who? Who demanded it? Not me. Is their switchboard really being bombarded with requests by over-eager viewers? Because they want to watch the episode again… but… isn’t that what the internets is for? And those whatchamacallit’s… DVD’s?

I’m reasonably sure that each network television station has a quota of Australian drama content they have to air every year. Do these encore performances contribute towards reaching that quota? I’m genuinely curious.

As it is, I’m fine with stations endlessly showing the same ep of their A-List shows every week. I subscribe to the idea that if I don’t likes it, I turns it off. But DON’T patronize me and the viewing public by telling us that we demanded something.

Lord, I’m asking for honesty in media advertising now… naivety thy name is Mon-Kee.



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2 Responses to “Watch episode 3 tonight… and Wednesday… probably Saturday too”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    Hear, hear, Monkey! And if a network does insist on screening “encore performances” of Australian dramas then they should do it correctly – a la ABC2’s resurrection of every 1980s show it ever screened (not so much with 7TWO and it’s better-left-dead-and-buried episodes of Home and Away).

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