It’s been a long time coming, and I just can’t keep it to myself anymore; I’m taking this opportunity right here, right now to out myself…

As a HUGE Pixar Fag.

Oh to walk through these pearly gates

I’m not sure there’s any such thing as a bad Pixar movie. They work equally well for people of all ages, they’re invariably critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated, and each picture makes an absolute mint. Don’t believe me? This is the worldwide $ gross and Rotten Tomatoes critics rating for the last 5 Pixar releases:

  • Up (2009) – $731,338,164    R.T – 98%
  • Wall-E (2008) – $521,311,813    R.T – 96%
  • Ratatouille (2007) – $623,722,818    R.T – 96%
  • Cars (2006) – $461,983,149    R.T – 75%
  • The Incredibles (2004) – $631,442,092    R.T – 97%

Incredible (no pun intended). I’m one of those sad, middle-aged bastards that eagerly awaits the next animated masterpiece from John Lasseter and Co. At least my younger brother is still of an age where I can take him to see them with me, so as not to be that creepy guy watching a children’s movie all on his own.

So you better believe I’m looking forward to ‘Toy Story 3’, which is due for release in Australia this June. I loved the first, and was surprised as hell when the second was an even better film. I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for ‘Toy Story 2’ either. I was part of a film class at University where it was one of the only movies every student could agree that they liked. One cohort even maintained it was possibly the first kids movie to ever seriously present a realistic depiction of pure existentialist dilemma. He was a strange dude…

Where was I?

Oh yeah. So as TS3 nears release, more than a few people were surprised when it was revealed that Pixar has been making short videos for viral marketing purposes. And my favourite revolves around THIS guy:

The name says it all really

Lots-O’-Huggin-Bear is a new character, to be voiced by Ned Beatty. The character is presented as a classic 80’s toy, now a little past his use by date.

And as a result, Pixar mocked up this brilliant vintage commercial for him:

And then followed it up with its Japanese equivalent:


Now, in my mind at least, viral marketing is generally used to enhance interest in a project. It attaches a certain cache of cool – all the young folk are doing it. It’s cheap, trendy and, in many cases, damn effective.

But does this kind of viral marketing for TS3 sell even 1 more ticket at the box office? In my mind, probably not. And I have to believe that Pixar knows this as well as I. So why do it?

Simple. Pixar remains the best in the world at what they do because a) they’re constantly aiming to raise the bar in animation, and b) they love movies, they love story, and they love what they do.

You may disagree with me about my little theories concerning Pixar’s motives. You might disagree with me about the awesomeness that is ‘Toy Story’. You might even disagree with me about Pixar’s ass-shakingly brilliant output over the past 15 years.

But there’s one thing you can’t disagree with me about.

That second commercial… Lots-O’-Huggin-Bear…

That’s Japan-tastic, baby!

See y’all at the cinemas on June 24th. I’ll be the one dressed as a space ranger.

To Hoyt’s Watergardens… and Beyond!



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  1. Jaky Astik Says:

    Steve Jobs. That’s all I mean when I look at Pixar. Perfect, critical, acclaimed.

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