The Logies: A Tweeter’s Guide

You mean the night where we hand awards to bright new stars on 'Home & Away' might be in trouble?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Interesting to note the Twitter-fueled brouhaha surrounding Sunday’s TV Week Logie awards, especially controversy surrounding celebrities like Wil Anderson and Dannii Minogue.

Oh. And Catherine Deveny.

For those who’ve never read Deveny in The Age newspaper, she wrote pithy, inevitably negative editorials on whatever storm in a teacup she felt compelled to confront every week (sound familiar, Monkey?).

I use the past tense, because The Age took a strange amount of glee in publicly sacking Deveny this week for what it described as a series of tweets “…not in keeping with the standards we set at The Age“.

Amongst these tweets were such witty bon mots as “I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid“, and “Rove and Tasma look so cute! I hope she doesn’t die too“.


Deveny defended herself the following day by stating she was essentially sacked for swearing and making “grown up jokes“. Want more? “I’m edgy. I push the envelope. I can be taken out of context“. She also told ABC Radio, re: Bindi, that she was using …humour to highlight the celebrity culture, the raunch culture and the sexualisation, sexual objectification of women’s bodies“.

Where to begin…

Perhaps, Ms. Deveny, a better writer would realize that a) 140 character tweets probably aren’t the best format to make satirical statements about highly complicated issues, and b) we’re still yet to settle on a text to indicate ‘sarcasm’, so perhaps it’s best avoided when discussing the dead wives of celebrities. Oh, and c) if you’re insistent on using humour to highlight such hot-button topics, perhaps it’d help if your brand of humour was even vaguely funny.

Delusions of grandeur. See? I said everything I want to say, with no misunderstandings, in well under 140 characters. Give it a try.

On the same night Wil Anderson was pilloried for tweets he made during the show. Tweets that included:

  • “In front row for John Mayer… Mayer is back unexpectedly, like Herpes”
  • “When did Sigrid Thornton become gollum?”
  • “Bert just introduced his fave moment from Montreal Olympics… sadly it was KD Lang, not Eddie making fun of poofs”, and
  • “From Rebecca Gibney’s speech I’m starting to suspect that Packed to the Rafters is a documentary”

I’m not sure Wil’s comedic intent was as lofty as Catherine’s. I suspect it was more to do with just taking the piss out of everyone, the brand of comedy that saw him nominated for a much ‘coveted’ Gold Logie (shit, where is that sarcasm button?). His tweets can be read as offensive too though, I’ll grant you that.

I can’t say that I was offended by either person’s tweeting. Personally, I was more affected by the multitude of news reports I read that called Deveny a ‘comedian’. Akin to calling Justin Bieber a ‘musician’ in my book, but that’s just me.

Honestly, the only real difference between the two seems to be the potential for Anderson’s gag’s to be interpreted by at least a few people as being funny. Who, outside of Deveny herself, thought what she said was even the slightest bit amusing?

It's cool, Wil. We don't understand why Ray Meagher won the Gold Logie, either

Rest assured. we’ll mourn your contributions to The Age, Catherine. Perhaps now you can turn that razor-sharp wit towards mocking Kevin Rudd and the existence of a ‘Stolen Generation’, 24/7. Don’t worry, you don’t have to believe in the dross that you’re spewing. But by adequately preparing you’ll already have material so that when you sign with the Herald Sun, you and Andrew Bolt can establish the funniest journalistic double-act in alllllll the land.

Oh, and Dannii Minogue? She got in to trouble for congratulating Ray Meagher for his Gold Logie win from London, before it had aired on Australian TV. Media analysts even posited the theory that the impact of Twitter could derail future Logies television broadcasts, as they’re rarely (if ever) shown live.

“A significant number of people just want to know who won”, analyst Steve Allen said. “If they can get it via social media, they won’t view it any more”.

So what lessons can we learn from this whole debacle?

  • We’ve learned that Alf from ‘Home & Away’ is apparently the most popular personality on Australian television.
  • We’re reminded that when making comment via social networking sites it pays to remember it might not just be read by your 7 best friends.
  • We’ve learned that when caught making tacky, seriously unfunny tweets that it’s probably best not to cite 2nd year Communications Studies textbooks as your motivation for doing so.
  • And we’ve learned that Twitter now apparently has the power to destroy the Logie Awards as we know them.

Hmmm… finally some real incentive to join Twitter after all!



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