3D Playboy – An exercise in entirely missing the point

No, she wasn't in 'True Blood'. Trust me. I checked.

Just hours after my last post I happened upon the news that Playboy is set to release a special ‘3D’ edition of their June 2010 issue with centrefold Hope Dworaczyk.

Playboy spokesperson Theresa Hennessey has been quoted as saying “It’s kind of neat… There’s a wine glass that she’s holding and when you stand back with the glasses on that comes right out at you. You kind of really feel like you’re in, so to speak, in the pictorial with her“.


Now, lets pre-suppose we live in a world where somehow Playboy magazine is still somewhat relevant, and hasn’t been 110% superseded by internet porn in the last decade (go on, try).

This is what you came up with to try to capitalize on the Avatar-fueled 3D fad?!? A wine glass???

Try to control yourself.

I can’t speak for everyone (though I often try to), but last I checked most male masturbatory fantasies didn’t involve airbrushed, nude models handing them kitchen ware.

“Did you see Miss September yet?”

“Ohhhhh, yeah dude. And those 3D decorative candles behind her are GORGEOUS!”

Way to go, Playboy. If your goal was to remind me that I should be slobberingly grateful just for the remote chance an attractive woman would let me wash her used dishes, than mission accomplished.



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3 Responses to “3D Playboy – An exercise in entirely missing the point”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    I can’t speak for the rest of mankind (I’ll leave that to you, BPM) but many of my fantasy revolve around gorgeous semi-clad women undertaking household duties. Bring on lesbians dusting bookshelves and college girls mopping floors, I say!

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      Personally Benjamin, I’m almost positive I wouldn’t be able to suspend disbelief, even in a fantasy, until the semi-clad woman then yelled at me to hurry up and stack the dishwasher, finish the vacuuming, and feed the cat because she fed him last time.

      • Benjamin the Donkey Says:

        Perfect! The semi-clad submissive maid becomes an overbearing dominatrix. This fantasy writes itself.

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