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A Sober Sheen in the hand…

May 15, 2010

Dare to dream, folks…


Only clean living from this point in then


Apparently good ol’ Charlie is set to walk away from the most financially lucrative sitcom in human history, so as to more completely commit to his battle with sobriety.


This is kinda like telling me Santa Claus actually is really real. For realsies; I’m going to need some kind of tangible proof, man.

Personally, I’ll believe it when I see Jon Cryer’s desperate spin-off ‘All About Alan’, and I read Perez Hilton snark about half-man Angus T. Jones’ first boozy night out with Lindsay Lohan.

Don't snigger, LiLo. The fat kid has way more acting cred than you these days

My favorite quote from the TMZ report about Sheen’s imminent departure? That he’ll turn his back on a gajillion dollars every episode to pursue “…other things”.

Other things… sigh…

Look, syphilitic Thai lady-boys with 8 inch penises, fake tits and cocaine encrusted nipples aren’t just ‘things’, Chuck. They’re people too, damn it!

Sometimes I worry he’ll never grow up.