Getting to the (front)bottom of things…

Finally, we can all sleep at night once again, for it has been CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN that Lady Gaga… has a hoohoo.

Lady Gaga w/ Lady Junk

After a “close encounter” with a rock journalist in the bathroom of a Berlin sex club, all our greatest fears can now and forever be laid to rest. The journalist in question, female tabloid writer Caitlin Moran, watched Gaga sit down and piss through her fish net tights.

With a vagina.

Damn… just as we were about to drag Leonard Nimoy out of retirement for a special presentation of ‘In Search Of…’

I’m sure this news will spark a plague of horny Googler’s searching several variants of LADY GAGA PUSSY VAG BERLIN SEX, in the desperate hope that Miss Moran has some photographic proof to back up her journalistic integrity.

Worry not, sad and pathetic gents. Because if we know Gaga at all, then we can be sure that if she wasn’t getting someone to film this whole retarded spectacle as it happened, we’ll at least get a dramatic re-creation in her next film clip.

Start preparing that blur effect NOW, Video Hits…



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