Save me, Peter Gabriel!

There are days (like this one) where it all seems too freakin much, and I wish I’d just stayed in bed until, say, September.

And on these days I have no choice but to break out the following song:

Three reasons –

  1. It’s practically impossible to be angry during the 4 and a half minutes or so atop Solsbury Hill.
  2. It’s a song Gabriel wrote about leaving the band Genesis… which I can dig, and
  3. It might be the best movie trailer track of all time.

Using ‘Solsbury Hill’ instantly invokes the soppiest of feelings; sadness, romance, rites-of-passage, all with slight a touch of melancholy-but-life-might-just-be-OK-y-ness.

Don’t believe me? Check out this legendary fan-made trailer, an oldie but a goodie:

I think there’s every chance that if ‘Saw XXII’ used ‘Solsbury Hill’ in it’s trailer I could be scuppered in to throwing down my hard-earned.

But as for today, I choose to retreat from my co-workers blanderings, put my headphones on, and try to find some solace in 80’s poppy sentiment.

Wish me luck.



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