Headline of the week


Sober-living agrees with you, Linds

from The Age.com

This headline is of course in reference to Lohan’s planned starring role in a biopic of Linda Lovelace, the world’s first real porn star (she appeared in the infamous 1972 skinflick ‘Deep Throat’ as… well… umm…).

A question from the floor, Ms. Lohan —

Who the fuck wants to see a non-vulgar movie about the making of ‘Deep Throat’?!?!

It don’t take a world of research to see that Linda Lovelace suffered through a pretty horrific life. Forced to give up a child for adoption aged just 20, Lovelace was trapped in a brutal relationship for many years (allegedly forced to ‘perform’ in, amongst other things, bestiality porn reels by her husband, Chuck Traynor), became addicted to a variety of hardcore drugs and ultimately achieved notoriety as the world’s most famous pole-smoker 2 full decades before Paris Hilton even entered tweendom.

And yet, for all that, she still enjoyed greater career longevity than I suspect poor LiLo has in her.

No, that's not method acting. That's just a standard Tuesday

Genius casting? Or accident waiting to happen? Should be veddy interestink.

Nevertheless, good luck and God speed, Lindsay Lohan.

If you can find it within to magically transport us with a classy, sophisticated depiction of poor Linda whilst still keeping on your legally required SCRAM alcohol monitoring anklet… well… then you’re a better actress than I.



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