The Cyrus sees all… the Cyrus knows all…

Yes, I realize that's Amanda Bynes. But for the purpose of this post you'll have to just imagine she's Miley Cyrus, kay?

I was going to write a post about the Miley-Beast…

I was going to point out how much of a ‘coincidence’ it is that she’s been caught out in 2 separate up-skirting incidents at the exact same time as she’s taken to telling everyone and anyone who’ll listen that she’s all growed up n’ sexy now.

Maybe I was even going to make a ‘horse-faced tween idol’ joke.

I was going to do those thing…

Then, last night as I was reading the details of her latest costume-related controversy on various music news websites (that I know the music awards show in question, and that I know it occurred in Toronto, is a horribly sad state of affairs in and of itself), my computer rebelled. A Cyrus-Virus struck my PC with all the devastating force of a shitty pop-ballad.

Like this one

One Jim’s Computers service call later (from a dude named Mandeep and not Jim at all), and it seems my computer is kaput-ski.

Miley Cyrus killed my computer.

Miley, I’d like to revoke any and all of my previously inflammatory statements on this blog. I’d like to apologize if I’ve offended you in any way. You are a smart, sexy young woman who (apparently) Can’t Be Tamed.

Tread carefully, friends. Take it from someone who knows and has been made to pay the price (well, a couple hundred bucks, anyways).

Watch what you say, and who you say it to.

Because Miley’s watching…



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