Julia to Kevin: “Umm… Sorry?”

You can tell that she speaks for our nation, cos there's a flag behind her...

June 24th, 2010. An historic day in Australia. It’s worth going over just a few of the numbers:

  • Our 1st female Prime Minister
  • Despite calling for peace with the mining industry and making a conciliatory gesture by withdrawing the government’s anti-mining TV commercials, BHP Biliton shares (the world’s biggest mining company) still dropped by 1.6 % overnight.
  • It’s expected that the appointment of Gillard should see preferred leader polls swing back to the ALP. An Essential Research poll conducted last week before the leadership purge indicated that amongst white men Gillard was the preferred PM to Tony Abbott by a 47-40 margin, and amongst women that number reached as high as 53-25.
  • And most significantly, Gillard’s appointment to our nation’s top role saw ‘Ranga’-related humour skyrocket by Two Hundredty Jillion Percent, an all-time high.

To Ms. Gillard I offer a hearty congratulations.

But until someone comes up with the Julia Gillard ‘Hope’ poster, or conceives of a marketing slogan as blindingly clever as Kevin07, I will remain unconvinced of her true leadership potential.

What rhymes with ‘Julia’, anyway?!



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