Michael Jackson – One Year On…

Out of curiosity, exactly how old was that tiger? And why did he name it Sch'mon, anyways?!?

Everybody has the right to mourn in their own way…

Sure, you might choose to commemorate the passing of the King of Pop by throwing ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ on repeat.

Maybe you re-watched the ‘Thriller’ film clip one more time, curled up on the couch spooning with a stuffed toy monkey named Bubbles.

Or perhaps you were the ree-ree at work telling everyone you really truly knew how to do the moonwalk… just not in these shoes.

Me? I prefer to reflect on his memory like thuzz, with a classic Dave Chappelle bit, circa 2004:

Goodnight Sweet Prince… I mean Symbol… Prince Michael? No… just Michael! I meant Michael…



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One Response to “Michael Jackson – One Year On…”

  1. babytyche08 Says:

    Can’t imagine that it’s been a year since he died…

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